About Us

We are a family of furniture lovers working together to bring amazing brands, make lifelong connections, and decorate amazing condos. We work hard to provide you with the best furniture and quality service in Puerto Peñasco.

Our Company

We are a family business located on the main road of our beautiful Puerto Peñasco. We pride ourselves on being a favorite with locals and homeowners to meet your furniture needs, delivered right to your home.
We have an extended line of products ranging from: traditional, contemporary, informal, home and mission furniture styles. Lifetime warranty on our window coverings, 20-year warranty on patio furniture, Certified CertiPurUS mattresses, and a variety of décor throughout the year. Come see us today!
Look for the largest closet in the world!

It all started about 17 years ago, Blanca Bejarano started with the idea of a furniture store and a couple of years later, her idea came true. Furniture Hacienda del Sol was in business on El Malecón, widely recognizable by the orange and the Iron Horse at the entrance, which distinguish us so much. Her focus was big, but also giving back to locals and condo owners for high-end products at the right price.

In recent years, Hacienda del Sol Furniture has moved to a new location on our main boulevard and next to Cinépolis. In recent years we have launched new catalogs, new categories and a new experience for a furniture store. As our product and team continue to grow, one thing remains the same – we want to provide the best products and the best customer service to our customers. We said thank you to you!

Our Team

Hacienda del Sol Furniture works to create a company culture that supports a creative, humble, family spirit and fosters a healthy balance between work and life. We are a diverse group, but that doesn’t matter when you love what you do. This is our passion.